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Since 2000, Kim Kokotan and her associates have been providing superior legal support services to the great state of Oklahoma. With intricate knowledge of every county in Oklahoma and experience working with law enforcement, Kokotan Legal Services can find and serve even the most elusive defendant.

We are here to provide you with professional and thorough service of process. We will find your documents, provide notary services if necessary, serve your papers, and even file them with the court and keep you informed at every step of the process. We will take care of your legal services at a reasonable cost so that you can focus on other agendas.

All of our employees at Kokotan Legal Services are licensed throughout Oklahoma for process serving. Additionally, we are a licensed and CLEET certified company for private investigations. Call us and see the difference 14 years of experience makes!


  • Process serving - Our professional process servers live up to high ethical standards and provide the best client experience possible. You can trust us to serve your subpoenas, notices, affidavits, or other documents efficiently and with integrity.
  • Private Investigative Services - Whether you need background checks, surveillance on a cheating spouse, employee investigations, or child support information, our licensed private investigators are here to help. We are discreet, professional, and thorough.
  • Skip Tracing - We are familiar with every county in Oklahoma and we have connections to help us find even the most evasive skip. Using investigative research we will search for and locate your missing person.
  • Document Retrieval - We will retrieve your key court, litigation, and regulatory documents so that you can focus on your case. By thoroughly searching public records and archived materials, we can find the documents you need.
  • Court Filing - Because we are in and out of the courts frequently, take comfort in the fact that we know the court filing process and can comfortably file just one or many documents for you.
  • Notary Services - Our notary public is authorized to certify documents, administer oaths, take acknowledgements, and depositions.

Please call (405) 620-3716 or fill out our form below for a qualified process server in Oklahoma.

Process Serving Info

If you have a question about service of process, chances are that many people have asked the same question before you. Here are answers to some of the questions we hear often:

What is service of process?

According to United States legal procedure, all parties must be notified if they are facing legal action against them in a court of law. Notification (called service of process) is accomplished through delivery of documents describing the legal action, and those documents include subpoenas, complaints, summonses, writs and order to show cause.

What does a professional process server do?

A process server is responsible for delivering legal documents to the parties involved in court proceedings. Some states require process servers to be licensed or registered, and all process servers must adhere to all state regulations governing legal service of process.

Process servers typically locate the individual named on the document, travel to that person to deliver the documents, verify the person's identity before handing over the papers, and then provide their client with a signed proof of service. This proof of service - also called the affidavit of service - details the time, date and location of the service of process, and the subject's name. It is the document you can present in court to verify that successful service of process occurred.

Why do I need a process server?

Service of process must be carried out by a professional who understands the state laws, is well-versed on best practices and is licensed if required in that state. Any failure to follow legal procedures can result in legal issues for other parties in the court case, which is why you should leave service of process to a professional. An experienced and knowledgeable process server will do everything by the book and make it easy to demonstrate that you fairly notified the other parties of impending legal action.

We're always available to answer your questions, so please contact us if you need more information about service of process.

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